GGI Medical Scholars 2023 Combine the world of Medicine with the world of Business, Public Policy & International Affairs to move into leadership roles within your organization or pivot careers by becoming part of a Diverse Global Network


Why GGI Medical Scholars Program Works?

Learn from Industry Leaders

The Top CEOs write their own Business and Policy Cases, and these core concepts via designing a case-based Learning Ecosystem. 

Learn MBA/MPP Skills without quitting your practice

GGI MBA was globally featured by Poets and Quants as the world's most disruptive Alt MBA program. It was also recognized by BCG Global Media for its learning outcomes 

Get Recruited by Top Employers

GGI has forged strong partnerships with leading management consulting and development consulting organizations.

Become Part of Purposeful Community

This global community represents powerful internationally diverse leaders who are at the helm of leading organizations. And this community helps each other out - not just in referring you to your first job, but in navigating a thriving career or in building your startups. 

MBA/MD is one of the fastest-growing degree programs in the world. This trend will only increase as Physicians become more aware of the need to possess strong leadership skills to broaden their abilities beyond clinical medicine. 

Of course, there are salary benefits of learning skills at the intersection of Medicine, Finance, Operations, Technology, Product Management, Public Policy, and so on. But most importantly, it allows medical professionals to wear multiple hats - as investors, founders, product Managers, Advisors to Ministers, and so on. There are seemingly endless amounts of opportunities for Physicians outside of clinical practice and for all the right reasons. 

When Medical Professionals are trained in the skills at the intersection of Business, Public Policy, and Medicine- they can transform the IRRs of VC funds focussed on Healthtech investment because they bring in specialized expertise, and they can help Ministers redefine and redesign Public Policy via analyzing market failures, they can create nudges in the world of startups, and they can advice McKinsey help transform the Pharma sector of an entire country. 

And therefore, relevant exposure to the world of Business and Public Policy could be a SUPERPOWER for medical professionals. 

GGI Medical Scholars 2023 are the Young Medical Doctors of the world to immerse in this beautiful world. The world of intersections - around philosophy, management consulting, product management, public policy, data analytics, and Impact investing. GGI Medical Scholars will not be just astute doctors, but will rather become well-rounded, and well-informed Physicians. 

While designing this Program, GGI Team collaborated with multiple experts and industry partners and discovered that from McKinsey to Hedge Funds to Venture Funds - all are vying for talents that have relevant exposure to the world of medicine, and most importantly - those who can tie the world of Medicine to the world of Business. 

Recognition by BCG: GGI Fellowship was also recognized by BCG Global Media for its consulting feeder program.

Life After GGI Medical Scholars Program

There is no 'typical' GGI career path. You will be joined by the diverse GGI alumni spanning sectors, industries, and geographies, and interests range from political risk analysis, and banking to consulting, civil services applicants in the emerging markets to policy work in international organizations.

Impact Fellowship has positioned GGI Alumni for careers in a variety of sectors. Examples include :

Many large employers find that Impact Fellowship from Global Governance Initiative prepares Young Professionals not only for General Management Positions but also for jobs within governmental affairs, environmental affairs, and other functional areas that necessitate an education that goes beyond traditional business skills.

GGI Medical Scholars are positioned to have a deep understanding of the complexity of national and local situations.


Who is this GGI Medical Scholars Program for?

GGI Medical scholar is a renowned work-study program, uniquely designed for those Medical Professionals who want to experience a Global MBA without quitting their full-time jobs. 

1. You are a determined young Doctor looking to pivot into Management consulting, Impact Investing, and Startups focused on Health Tech. 

2. You are a Young Doctor who is looking for relevant exposure in Policy Sector and is keen to contribute to the social impact sector  

3. You are a Young Doctor who wants to scale and expand his/her medical practice and wishes to forge a global network and acquire business skills for the same. 

4. You are ready to pivot careers and looking to be connected to GGI employment partners 

5. You arer a Young Doctor who wants to take up Higher Administrative Roles in your Hospitals. 


Curriculum & Commitment

3-6 Months

Program length, flexible upon your needs and availability

90+ Hours of Business Masterclasses

Over 9 weekends, based on your availability

52+ Employment Partners

Who recruit from GGI peridocially

60+ Hours of Business Interview Practice

Via our inhouse AI Based software

Unlimited Networking

You continue to be a part of the family post your graduation

1:1 Founders' Office Hours

During graduation. 1 to take forward your MBA dreams

GGI Projects & Startup Weekend

Peer to Peer projects

10+ Hours of Trinity

You get access to recorded Masterclasses of top speakers in consulting at GGI

You Learn along with Diverse Community who Adds to Your Perspective

GGI Medical Scholars are directly mentored by industry practitioners at every step. Mentor led education to interweave learning with working, instead of seeing these as separate things. The fellowship selection process is rigorous and is an invite-only program.


A Liberal Refund Policy for You

Your learning is our no. 1 goal and we want this decision to be 100% risk-free for you so you can just focus on learning. We have no questions ask the full refund of the enrollment amount of the selected scholars and fellows, till the first 6 days from the payment date.

You Learn & Build Network with World's Top CEOs, Partners, & Consulting Leaders


Ex Asia Chairman, Blackrock


Ex-Global CEO, Mckinsey & Co


Ex-BCG India Chairman & Member, Planning Commission India


Ex- Mckinsey Partner; Advisor, Pata


Managing Partner, Promethos Capital


Global Chairman, BCG Henderson Institute


President, Amazon AWS South Asia


Former OSD NITI Aayog


Partner BCG, Social Impact Practice


BCG, Managing Director & Senior


Dean, IBGC Fletcher School of Law


Dean, IBGC Fletcher School of Law

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GGI Medical Scholars 2023 is centered around 3 things

Today's Global Leaders must be able to successfully navigate different cultures, economies, and industries. To help GGI Medical Scholars during executive education develop these crucial capabilities, GGI has carefully designed a portfolio of immersive, experiential Masterclasses that take place across sectors and industries. This is achieved in 3 stages : 

Stage 1 - Upskilling 

The breadth of knowledge is what creates great analytical thinkers and leaders. GGI Medical Scholars Program will prepare Medical Leaders of the world and will impart skills that will allow them to connect dots across many different areas including policy consulting, management consulting, sustainability, product management, technological ethics, impact investing, liberal arts, and core business perspectives - via GGI’s trademarked LIVE Masterclasses.

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Stage 2 - Live! Case-based Pedagogy

In order to learn, you have to have skin in the game. The world of Business, Consulting, Public Policy, and International Affairs is unpredictable and adventurous. GGI Medical Scholars will be put in tough spots where during their journey as a GGI Medical Scholars, they will reinvent themselves over a dozen times - from donning the hat of a management consultant advising the CEO of a big conglomerate, to a Startup Founder negotiating Term Sheets with the VCs, from a Policy Consultant Problem Solving for Climate Impact to a Product Manager designing a Minimum ‘Lovable’ Product!

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Stage 3 - Community, Networking Nights, and Access to Employment Partnerships

It is often said that if you have nothing in your life, but you have at least one person who cares for your unconditionally, it will do wonders for your self-esteem. For GGI Medical Scholars that one person is the entire community at Global Governance Initiative.

Even though the journey of a GGI Medical Scholar ‘formally’ ends in 6 months. But Medical Scholars - as GGI Alumni will always have access to the inclusive, supportive, respectful, and collaborative ecosystem of the Global Governance Initiative for the rest of their lives.

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Learn What Matters via GGI Case-based Masterclasses in Management & Impact Consulting 


Policy Consulting Masterclass


MBA for Impact Masterclass


The Liberal Arts Masterclass


Management Consulting & Sustainability Masterclass


Data Analytics & Emerging Tech Masterclass


Management Communications Masterclass


CV and Case Interview Prep Masterclass


Impact Investment Masterclass


Product Management & Tech Ethics Masterclass

Program Fees

Our competitors charge Rs. 3,00,000 to Rs. 7,00,000. So we decided to try crazy pricing. We are 80% cheaper than our competitor's price. We are doing this because we want to make high-quality business and policy education truly accessible to you all and disrupt the space.

Or if you don't want to commit, we have no questions ask full refund policy within 6 days of enrollment payment, i.e. if you are selected ( we have <10% selection rate). Either way, you win. To get detailed pricing and information, it is accessible on our application page here

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