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Why GGI Impact MBA Scholars 

"The MBA curriculum needs change"- Indra Nooyi, former CEO, Pepsico, Ex BCG Consultant 

It is often said that Money has a steep "discount rate" as you get older. When you're on your deathbed, when you're on your last day, you'd give up every dollar in the bank for a few more days, another hour, another minute. This is because you want to spend as much time as possible with the people you love, the community that cares for you, and the beautiful experience the world has to offer. 

Global Governance Initiative Impact Scholars Program during GGI MBA is designed to create a powerful beautiful community of the next 10K Young Global Leaders who will lead this planet in years to come. These leaders will transform industries, sectors, and countries.


For a period ranging between 3 to 6 months, these transformative young leaders are immersed into a beautiful community - where they are provided a grounding in foundational Business, Economics, Statistics, Marketing, Finance Investing, Communications, and General Management Skills with contextual knowledge of forces driving the world of Management Consulting, Product Management, and Investing. 

It is designed as an alternative to a Traditional Global MBA program. 

+88% GGIians working in Top Consulting & Product Roles and Organizations 

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Who is this Program for ?

1. You are a  Pre-MBA with admits to Harvard 2+2, Yale Silver Scholars, and other top MBAs and looking to finish business curriculum before your program 


2. You are a young professional looking for better alternatives to international MBA programs and want to learn directly from top industry leaders 


3. You are CA/non-MBA looking to pivot in management consulting in firms such as Mckinsey & BCG or PM roles in firms such as Amazon, Microsoft, & leading tech startups.   

4. You are a budding entrepreneur who is aiming to launch & scale ventures and looking to strengthen business skills while building an incredible support system

Curriculum & Commitment  


Program length, flexible upon your needs and availability

50+ Hours of Business Masterclasses

Over 5 weekends,

based on your availability 

Unlimited Guest  Masterclasses

During your tenure

with GGI

60+ Hours of
Business Interview Practice

Via our inhouse AI Based software


You continue to be a part of the family post your graduation

1:1 Founders'
Office Hours 

Post Term 1 to take forward your MBA dreams  

10+ Hours of

Post Term 1, you get access to recorded Masterclasses of top speakers in consulting at GGI  

You Learn & Build Network with World's Top CEOs, Partners, & Consulting Leaders 

Ex-Global CEO, Mckinsey & Co
Ex-Global CEO, Mckinsey & Co
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Ex-BCG India Chairman & Member, Planning Commission
Ex-BCG India Chairman & Member, Planning Commission

Arun Maira

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Ex- Mckinsey Partner; Advisor, Patagonia
Ex- Mckinsey Partner; Advisor, Patagonia
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Managing Partner, Promethos Capital
Managing Partner, Promethos Capital
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Global Chairman, BCG Henderson Institute
Global Chairman, BCG Henderson Institute
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President, Amazon AWS South Asia
President, Amazon AWS South Asia
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Former OSD NITI Aayog
Former OSD NITI Aayog
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BCG, Managing Director & Senior Partner
BCG, Managing Director & Senior Partner
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Partner BCG, Social Impact Practice
Partner BCG, Social Impact Practice
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Dean, IBGC Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy; Ex Partner Mckinsey
Dean, IBGC Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy; Ex Partner Mckinsey
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CEO, Arthur D. Little, South Asia & India
CEO, Arthur D. Little, South Asia & India
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Cofounder- Good Glam Group, Harvard MBA
Cofounder- Good Glam Group, Harvard MBA
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As a GGI MBA Scholar , You will Immerse Yourself in a Truly Transformative Experience  

Leaders looking to pivot into the World of Management Consulting, Investing and Product Management should be able to successfully navigate different cultures, economies, sectors, and industries. 


To help you develop these crucial abilities, GGI has carefully curated a portfolio of immersive, experiential courses that take place across sectors and industries. This is achieved in 3 stages : 


STAGE 1 - Develop Contextual Intelligence 

Context is a critical component of sound decision-making in the world of Management Consulting, Investing, and Product Management - and breadth of knowledge is what creates a great analytical thinker and a leader. GGI prepares Impact MBA Scholars to be future leaders by honing skills that allow them to connect the dots across many areas including management consulting, statistics, finance, marketing, product management, finance investing, sustainability, economics, liberal arts, and core business perspectives - Via GGI's trademarked Masterclasses. 


In this stage, GGI's Impact MBA scholars will attend the 50+ hours of interactive Masterclasses (including the Mandatory MBA for Impact Masterclass) along with evaluative peer assignments. In order for the scholars to interact with industry leaders, Impact MBA scholars will also be provided unlimited exclusive access to renowned Guest Speakers Masterclasses. 


Many of the Masterclasses are anchored by Incumbent Partners and Managing Directors of consulting firms, FMCG companies, and International Organizations. 


The MBA for Impact Masterclass will teach the core MBA curriculum in 10 hours, and these principles will be applied across Masterclasses in Consulting, Investing, Product Management, etc. For the Harvard 2+2, Yale Silver Scholars, and other deferred MBAs - this stage will ensure that you have touched the basics of core courses before the start of your MBA Program - completion of this stage will save time to effectively engage in networking events during your MBAs. For the working professionals, this will stage allow you to solve problems with contextual intelligence from across the sectors in your day job. 


STAGE 2 - Microexperential learning in Consulting & PM and the Buddy Network 


Global Governance Initiative has crafted and designed (now licensed and patented) microlearning AI-based experience via Schrödinger. It is an interactive real-life case simulator that allows GGI Scholars to practice cases and interviews at a time that works best for them. 

The Tool has been truly transformative for many GGI Scholars and Fellows who credit their success of getting into a top-notch consulting firm to this stage. As a GGI Scholar, you are expected to solve cases on this tool at least twice before your interview date. 


GGI Scholars will also be made part of a rotating buddy system - where they can practice cases, build a community, bond, and network with other members of the incredibly diverse communities at Global Governance Initiative. 


STAGE 3 - Community & Networking Nights  

It is often said that if you have nothing in your life, but you have at least one person who cares for you unconditionally, it will do wonders for your self-esteem. For GGI Scholars that one person is the entire community at Global Governance Initiative. 

They attend monthly inner circle meetings, networking events with scholars from across industries and sectors. 

An MBA degree is more than learning valuations and Little’s Law. You pay for the entire experience - the guest speakers, office hours with your professors, campus events, and eventually landing the job of your dreams. It is an experience of a lifetime. 

Through Community & Networking Nights, GGI brings the entire campus experience online. 

Even though the journey of an Impact Scholar formally ends in 3 months. But Scholars - as GGI Alumni will always have access to the inclusive, supportive, respectful, and collaborative ecosystem of the Global Governance Initiative for the rest of their lives. GGI Impact Scholars also enjoy access to the exclusive partnerships that GGI continuously builds with leading organizations, Business and Policy Schools. 

GGI Impact MBA Scholars is Crème de la crème of the Global Governance Initiative network. Through core Masterclasses, flexible curriculum, Networking Nights, AI Tools - Impact MBA scholars Program provides a wide view into the world of social Impact Consulting, Management consulting, and Product Management. 

Impact MBA Scholars are also made part of the GGI's Growing network through its various technology portals that comprise an international and diverse network of GGI Delegates, Impact Scholars, Policy Scholars, Tech MBA Scholars, Fellows, and mentors spread across 4 continents. 

You Learn along with Diverse Community who Adds to your Perspective

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Going through the program alongside a group of highly accomplished peers is the best way to achieve transformation. Our Alumni have an annual in-person get-together also.

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We do not prefer a particular curriculum for undergraduate study for admission to the GGI Program. The Undergraduate representations come from IIT Bombay, IIT Madras, St. Stephen's College, NMIMS to IIM Ahmedabad, The Fletcher School. Yale University, 

There are more than 100+ organizations represented in the cohort including Deloitte Consulting, EnY Consulting, Amazon AWS, Ministry of Finance, Bain Research, Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank, Schlumberger

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You Learn Live, Get Hired, and Network To Become Ethical Business Leaders 

 Harvard Case Method 

Driven by experiential learnin through real case based teaching and heavily interactive & live feedback based problem solving 

Office of Career Service

GGI facilitates your hiring by partnering with leading employment partners in consulting, & PM along with resume' and interview prep

Become Part of The Tribe

The Masterclasses are designed to ensure your peer to peer-based learning so that you grow by growing others. 

Lead With Purpose

All GGI Masterclasses are curated with a sharp focus on responsible capitalism and ethics by involving leaders, not managers.

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The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy

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