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an exclusive MBA up-skilling & networking platform for global young professionals and undergraduates aiming to nurture them into impactful leaders 


An MBA degree is more than learning valuations and Little’s Law. You pay for the entire experience - the guest speakers, office hours with your professors, campus events, and eventually landing the job of your dreams. It is an experience of a lifetime!

At the same time, it is also a big investment. You invest your time, money, and emotions. The experience could be very stressful too if you aren't strategic about the next steps.

GGI Scholars Program is designed to nurture the next 10K young leaders who will lead this planet while crushing their Post MBA Goals. It will serve as a launchpad to build an exceptional impactful career along with an exceptional network.


GGI Scholars is a 3-month invite only network based upskilling leadership program for current undergrads and deferred admits. It is built around 3 pillars to crush your post MBA goals. 

1. Up-Skilling: GGI Scholars will have access to GGI's Prestigious Masterclasses.  Scholars will be eligible for 5 ten hours Masterclasses (including mandatory MBA for Impact Masterclass) and unlimited renowned guest speaker Masterclasses.

Masterclasses are the gateway to building a personal network with industry leaders in consulting, policy, product management, and startup. This is to ensure scholars have touched basics of core courses before start of their MBA Program - this will save time to effectively engage in networking events during their MBA and efficiently perform to the best of their abilities ! 

2. MBA Career Nights:  Every month GGI Scholars 2021 will be part of the networking nights with the Co-Founders. These Networking Nights will be closed-personalized networking events. Such events along with a few networking hacks will make the future MBA/MPP experience much more effective.

3. Peer Networking: It is difficult to become successful on your own. The greatest opera stars have singing teachers, Roger Federer has a coach, and Buffet meets regularly with like-minded people. Through MBA buddy system you'd be introduced to new members of the GGI Scholars Community on periodic basis, and this network will help you make forays into the world of management consulting, impact consulting, or product management with free access to AI based Schrödinger (by GGI) for case interview problem solving tool.

In case, a selected Scholar is not able to attend the MBA for Impact Masterclass in the first 3 months - they will be required to attend it at any other time (within a year at GGI) to receive a certificate of completion and official recognition as a GGI Scholar 2021. On successful completion of the 5 Masterclasses, GGI Scholars will also be provided a Letter of Completion.


GGI Scholars 2021 selection is highly competitive. GGI Scholars will also be made part of the GGI's Growing network through its various technology portals that comprise an international and diverse network of GGI Delegates and Fellows spread across 4 continents. 


GGI Scholars community comprises an extremely diverse cohort -  from Sophomores at Yale, IIT Bombay to Deferred MBA/MPP admits at Darden, Indian School of Business, and Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy. A few of the scholars are working professionals in organizations such as the Government of India,  Kearney, and Boston Consulting Group.



Cofounder's Desk

Our Co-Founders - Naman and Shatakshi have worked extensively at the intersection of public policy, technology, management consulting, and & entrepreneurship and  have been recognized as Linkedinfor Top Voice for their work on gender equality and reimagining higher education. 

They would love to hear back from you on your experiences, grievances and new ideas ! 

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