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a specialised public policy focused program, policy scholars is an upskilling & networking platform for global young professionals and undergraduates aiming to nurture them into impactful society leaders  


Uber, Google, and Amazon have strong Policy Divisions. They are Policy Influencers while being Tech Companies today. 


Today, Governments, Corporates, Social Impact Organizations, and NGOs together are nudging and implementing policies.


Intellectual honesty. A hunger for evidence. Familiarity with a wide range of analytic methods. An urge to extract answers from the clutter of real-world public problems- GGI Policy Scholars Program will prepare you for the rapidly transforming world where UN SDGs are not good to have but a must-have for any society. 

A specialized policy-focussed program, GGI Policy Scholars Program is designed to nurture the next policy future leaders who will lead this planet in the space of social impact and development space. It will serve as a launchpad to build an exceptionally impactful social impact career along with an exceptional network of like-minded peers.


A policy specialized flagship program, GGI Policy Scholars is a 3-month invite-only network-based upskilling leadership program for current undergrads and young working professionals. It is built around 3 pillars to crush your Policy Consulting and Development Consulting Goals : 

1. Up-Skilling: GGI Policy Scholars will have access to GGI's Prestigious Masterclasses.  Scholars will be eligible for 5 ten hours of Masterclasses (including mandatory MBA for Impact Masterclass, Policy Consulting & The Liberal Arts Masterclass,) and unlimited renowned guest speaker Masterclasses. As a future impact leader, you will know how to align and integrate sustainable practices into an organization’s and nation's strategy and operations.

Masterclasses are the gateway to building a personal network with industry leaders in Government, Development Organizations, and social impact domains. This is to ensure Policy Scholars have touched the basics of the core curriculum before they pivot and build a career in the public sector domain and efficiently perform to the best of their abilities! 

2. Policy Career Nights:  Every month GGI Policy Scholars 2021 will be part of the networking nights with the Co-Founders. These Networking Nights will be closed-personalized networking events. Such events along with a few networking hacks will make the future job pivot extremely effective as your peers will also come from Social Impact backgrounds.

3. Peer Networking: It is difficult to become successful on your own. The greatest innovators stars have teachers, Roger Federer has a coach, and Buffet meets regularly with like-minded people. Through the nontraditional Policy buddy system, you'd be introduced to new members of the GGI Policy Scholars Community on a periodic basis, and this network will help you make forays into the world of Governments, Social Impact, or Impact Investment with free access to AI assignments and AI-based Schrödinger (by GGI) for case interview problem-solving tool

In case, a selected Policy Scholar is not able to attend the MBA for Impact, Policy Consulting Masterclass, and The Liberal Arts Masterclass in the first 3 months - they will be required to attend it at any other time (within a year at GGI) to receive a certificate of completion and official recognition as a GGI Policy Scholar 2021. On successful completion of the 5 Masterclasses, GGI Policy Scholars will also be provided a Letter of Completion.


GGI Policy Scholars 2021 selection is highly competitive. GGI Policy Scholars will also be made part of the GGI's Growing network through its various portals that comprise an international and diverse network of GGI Delegates and Fellows spread across 4 continents. 


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