Learn Policy Skills Live, Join Global Network & Get Hired at GGI Policy Scholar to Become Leader in Society


Why GGI Policy Scholars Works?

Learn from Industry Leaders

Top Government & Society Leaders write their own policy and social impact cases and teach core Policy Concepts via designing a case-based learning ecosystem.

Get Recruited by Top Employers

GGI has forged strong employment partnerships with leading consulting, public policy, product management, and impact investing organizations.

Become Part of Global Network

Global community represents powerful internationally diverse leaders who are at the helm of leading organizations. And this community helps each other out - not just in referring you to your first job, but in navigating a thriving career or in building your startups.

Globally Recognized

GGI MBA was globally featured by Poets and Quants as the world’s most disruptive Alt MBA program. It was also recognized by BCG Global Media for its learning outcomes

+88% GGIians working in Top Policy & Social Impact Roles and Organizations


Who is this Program for?

1. You are looking for best Alternative to International- MPP.

2. You are looking to pivot in impact firms such as UN, World Bank, FSG or social impact roles.

3. You are a Pre-MPP with MPP admits to Harvard Kennedy, Oxford MPP, and other top MPPs.

4. You are a budding social impact entrepreneur who is aiming to launch a venture.


Post Graduate Program in Public Policy

3-6 Months

Program length, flexible upon your needs and availability

90+ Hours of Policy Masterclasses

Over9 weekends, based on your availability

95+ Employment Partners

Which Recruit GGIians

60+ Hours of Policy Interview Practice

Via our inhouse AI Based software

Unlimited Networking

You continue to be a part of the family post your graduation

1:1 Founders' Office Hours

During graduation. 1 to take forward your MPP dreams

GGI Startup Weekend

Peer to Peer projects

10+ Hours of Trinity

You get access to recorded Masterclasses of top speakers in consulting at GGI


You Learn along with Diverse Community who Adds to Your Perspective

GGI Policy Scholars community comprises an extremely diverse cohort - from BTech at IIT's and YIF at Ashoka to Masters at TISS and the London School of Economics and Political Science. A few of the policy scholars are working professionals in organizations such as Pratham, Teach for India, NITI Aayog, Hindustan Times and other leading education NGOs.


A Liberal Refund Policy for You

Your learning is our no. 1 goal and we want this decision to be 100% risk-free for you so you can just focus on learning. We have no questions ask the full refund of the enrollment amount of the selected scholars and fellows, till the first 6 days from the payment date.

Learn & Network with World's top CEOs, Partners, And Policy Leaders


Ex Asia Chairman, Blackrock


Ex-Global CEO, Mckinsey & Co


Ex-BCG India Chairman & Member, Planning Commission India


Ex- Mckinsey Partner; Advisor, Pata


Managing Partner, Promethos Capital


Global Chairman, BCG Henderson Institute


President, Amazon AWS South Asia


Former OSD NITI Aayog


Partner BCG, Social Impact Practice


BCG, Managing Director & Senior


Dean, IBGC Fletcher School of Law


Group Cofounder, Good Glam Group

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As GGI Policy Scholar, You will Immerse Yourself in a Truly Impactful Experience

Through teaching, public sector knowledge, change theories, and engagement with government practitioners, GGI Policy Scholar during GGI MPP improves public policy and public leadership so that people can live in societies that are safer, freer, juster, and more sustainably prosperous. Our practitioner's focus on economic, technology, extremism, sustainability, and your public leadership practice.

Leaders looking to pivot into the world of public policy, social impact, international affairs and impact investing should be able to successfully navigate different cultures, economies, governments, and jobs. To help GGI Policy Scholars develop these crucial abilities, GGI has carefully curated a portfolio of immersive, experiential programs that take place across the social impact and public policy domain. This is achieved in 3 stages during the 3-6 months :

STAGE 1 - Adept with Policy Toolkit

Today research and data-oriented policy-making is a critical component of sound decision-making in the world of Policy consulting, and social impact- and learning to navigate amidst the breadth of knowledge is what creates a great analytical policy thinker and a leader. GGI prepares Policy Scholars to be future leaders by honing skills that allow them to connect the dots across many areas including macroeconomics, emerging technologies such as AI, public market failures, liberal arts, financial inclusion, sustainability, responsible investing, ethics, energy, climate impact, and core policy perspectives - Via GGI's trademarked Masterclasses.

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STAGE 2 - Access to Employment Partnerships
Microexperential learning in Consulting & PM and the Buddy Network

Global Governance Initiative has crafted and designed (now licensed and patented) microlearning AI-based experience via Schrödinger. It is an interactive real-life case simulator that allows GGI Scholars to practice cases and interviews at a time that works best for them.

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STAGE 3 - Community & Networking Nights

It is often said that if you have nothing in your life, but you have at least one person who cares for you unconditionally, it will do wonders for your self-esteem. For GGI Scholars that one person is the entire community at Global Governance Initiative.

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Program Fees

Our competitors charge Rs. 3,00,000 to Rs. 7,00,000. So we decided to try crazy pricing. We are 80% cheaper than our competitor's price. We are doing this because we want to make high-quality business and policy education truly accessible to you all and disrupt the space.

Or if you don't want to commit, we have no questions ask full refund policy within 6 days of enrollment payment, i.e. if you are selected ( we have <10% selection rate). Either way, you win. To get detailed pricing and information, it is accessible on our application page here

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