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In a fast-moving rapidly agile world,  we live under the constant need for "learning by doing". GGI Fellowship was started by Cofounders as they had created a successful ecosystem in their 20s for themselves. They have re-created this success ecosystem for young professionals through the Prestigious GGI Fellowship Program. 

GGI Impact Fellowship is Crème de la crème of the Global Governance Initiative network. It is designed to ensure young professionals learn problem-solving in the policy and social impact domain while ensuring they crush their Post MBA/MPP Goals. It will serve as a launchpad to build an exceptionally impactful career along with an exceptional network from across the world. 


GGI Impact Fellowship is the world's first and the most renowned fellowship for Millenials and GenZs looking to make a foray into the world of Impact Consulting and International Development. It is a 6 months invite-only network-based upskilling leadership program for current undergrads, working, and MBA professionals. It comprises everything a GGI Impact Scholars accesses plus extremely intense and high-quality experiential learning, networking with founders, and a job component. 


GGI Impact Fellowship comprises the top 5% of the GGI community and hence is the most selective program. It is the Crème de la crème of the Global Governance Initiative network. 

It is built around 3 core pillars to crush your policy and social impact consulting goals. 

1. Research Policy Paper with a Job Eligibility: Only GGI Impact Fellows will work on cutting-edge topics under the guidance of handpicked mentors from consulting and build an impact on the social development space under the Council on Sustainable Development. The white paper and live project during the 6 months allow fellows to not just observe but learn by doing and work within a closed community of fellows we call fellows project team. Our recent white papers have been topics ranging from making India carbon neutral to increasing the participation of women in the startup domain.


The top-performing impact fellows also become eligible for founders' recommendation letters and eligibility for social impact jobs in the GGI network. They will also have the first claim on leveraging access to the network that GGI has curated with international universities and organizations. 

2.  Networking Nights:  Given that the GGI Fellowship is in the top 5% of the community, our GGI beneficiaries who have gained job offers from Dalberg/BCG/Bain and Mckinsey are part of the exclusive private community at the WIGGLY platform by GGI


Every month GGI Fellows 2021 will be part of the networking nights with the Co-Founders. These Networking Nights will be closed-personalized networking events. Such events along with a few networking hacks will allow future leaders to be more effective in finding jobs, securing MBAs, and find cofounders for their entrepreneurial initiative.  


3. Up-Skilling:

A. Industry Leaders -  Only GGI Impact Fellows are the only fellows who have access to ALL the GGI's Prestigious Masterclasses.  GGI Impact Fellows will also have exclusive and unlimited access to the renowned guest speaker Masterclasses.

Masterclasses are the gateway to building a personal network with industry leaders in consulting, policy, product management, and startup. The Guest Speakers with Global Governance Initiative have been the former Global CEOs of firms such as Mckinsey and Company and have been faculty members of schools such as the Harvard Business School

B. Case Solving Mentors - GGI Impact Fellows learn the art and science of problem-solving cases in a closed ecosystem along with a resume' and cover letter hacks by learning and interacting with GGI mentors handpicked from top consulting firms such as BCG, Mckinsey, Bain, United Nations, etc.  

C. Peers - ​Through the buddy system, you'd be introduced to new members of the GGI Fellows Community on a periodic basis, and this network will help you make forays into the world of management consulting, impact consulting, or product management with free access to AI based Schrödinger (by GGI) as problem-solving case interview preparation tool.

Only upon successfully finishing a research paper, fellows will be provided a certificate of completion and official recognition as a GGI Fellow 2021. On successful completion of all the Masterclasses, GGI Fellows will also be provided a Letter of Completion. A few of the best performing graduated fellows will also be recommended to the GGI Partnered Institutes and Organizations. 


GGI Fellowship 2021 selection is highly competitive and will be interview-based. GGI works only with handpicked fellows and provides them unbridled access to success ecosystem.  A detailed schedule will be shared upon selection and the Founder's Call. The schedule is designed and tailor-made to fit the professional aspiration of the Shortlisted Fellow on an individual basis


GGI Fellows will also be made part of the GGI's Growing network through its various technology portals that comprise an international and diverse network of GGI Delegates, Impact Scholars, fellows, and mentors spread across 4 continents. 


Critical reasoning, social & emotional intelligence is becoming more crucial as intelligent machines take over more physical, repetitive, and basic cognitive tasks. GGI's live Masterclasses exactly fix the top 3 identified soft skills gaps as reported by World Economic Forum -  1.  Problem Solving, Critical Reasoning, innovation, creativity  2.  Ability to deal with complexity

3.  Communications


Driven by experiential learning model through real case based teaching and heavily interactive & live feedback based problem solving 


We mentor our fellows on the power of productivity, time discipline and mental wellbeing- critical areas for success 


All our Masterclasses are designed to ensure peer to peer-based learning; whereby you will learn from your peers and network heavily  


All GGI Masterclasses are curated with a sharp focus by involving industry leaders only and not academic to increase employability


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Fellows are directly mentored by industry practitioners at every step. Mentor led education to interweave learning with working, instead of seeing these as separate things. The fellowship selection process is rigorous and is an invite-only program


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