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a democratized program, ggi impact lab young leaders scholars is a virtual internship, upskilling & networking platform for young professionals aiming to nurture them into next generaton leaderds   


When one door closes, several others open.

GGI Impact Lab- Young Leaders Program is a virtual micro experiential learning and virtual internship ecosystem within GGI Impact Lab, that will prepare the 'dark horses' to strive for big leaps in life.  The Program is designed for those dark horses who want to bounce back in life with an edge and get to experience the world's most transformative upskilling program. The Young leaders get exclusive access to The Trinity, Schrödinger by GGI, and case buddies from GGI tight-knit community. They will also get access to the MBA in 10 minutes series by an EX BCG consultant. 

A democratized program aiming to reach grassroots, GGI Impact Lab, Young Leaders Program is designed to give you a Virtual Internship Experience to nurture the next generation of leaders who will drive change. At GGI, we're curious, imaginative, and intuitive. We invite you to peek behind the scenes through our Virtual Experience Program to get a true feel for what it's like to work in Policy Consulting/Management Consulting and Product Management in strategy roles. Schrödinger by GGI and The Trinity will enable you to tap into the unique way of working and will help set you up for success if you decide to apply for an opportunity with BCG/Mckinsey/World Bank/Amazon

It will serve as a launchpad to build an exceptionally impactful social impact career along with an exceptional community of like-minded peers.


Democratizing education, GGI Impact Lab, Young Leaders Program is a 10 week invite-only network-based upskilling and virtual internship program within GGI, Impact Lab (not GGI) for current undergrads and working professionals in Policy/Consulting/Product backgrounds. It is the perfect opportunity to take on practical tasks similar to what policy and strategy consultants would work on and get a true feel of what it is like to work. GGI, Impact Lab partners with leaders in nonprofits to tackle their most important challenges and capture their greatest opportunities. 


In this virtual experience program, you will gain enviable insight into what it’s like to solve meaningful challenges with our diverse and forward-thinking team. What’s great about our virtual experience program is its flexibility. You’ll get to do them at a time convenient to you, yet meaningfully connect with peers for case sessions. After finishing each case, you’ll be provided with real work sample answers from our leaders and you can see how top-tier consultants have tackled each case so that you can learn from their approach.


It is built around 2 pillars to crush your Consulting and Development Consulting Goals 

1. Up-Skilling via The Trinity: GGI Impact Lab, Young Leaders will have access to recorded GGI's Masterclasses with prestigious speakers. Impact Lab, Young Leaders will be eligible for 10 weeks access to The Trinity (including recorded Masterclasses with Mckinsey Trinity- Rajat Gupta, Charles Conn & Bhaskar Chakravorti and Shatakshi's  (GGI, Cofounder) MBA in 10 minutes). As a future impact leader, you will know how to align and integrate sustainable practices into an organization’s and nation's strategy and operations.

The Trinity is the gateway to getting inside the minds of top consulting leaders India and the world has ever seen. This is to ensure Impact Lab, Young Leaders have touched the basics of problem-solving, critical reasoning, and hypothesis-based learning before they pivot and build a career in the public sector domain and efficiently perform to the best of their abilities! 

2. Virtual Internship Experience with GGI, Impact Lab: It is difficult to become successful on your own. The greatest innovators stars have teachers, Roger Federer has a coach, and Buffet meets regularly with like-minded people. Through the nontraditional buddy system, you'd be introduced to new members of the GGI Impact Lab, Young Leaders Community on a periodic basis, and this community will help you make forays into the world of Governments, Social Impact, or boutique consulting with free access to AI assignments and AI-based Schrödinger (by GGI) for case interview problem-solving tool

GGI Impact Lab, Young Leaders 2021 selection is less competitive than the flagship GGI Scholars & Fellowship Programs, however, it will still remain competitive. Affordability and accessibility to quality education at its core foundations, GGI Impact Lab Young Leaders will aim to transform the ecosystem by giving back at the grassroots level.  


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

GGI Impact Lab, Young Leaders community comprises an extremely diverse cohort - from current students at prestigious engineering universities to highly qualified professionals in the domain of Product Management and Finance. They are working professionals in organizations such as IIM-B, ICICI Bank, KPMG, Axis Bank, Microsoft, and other leading organisations.


Earn a Digital Certificate  
(When you complete the GGI, Impact Lab Virtual Experience Program, you’ll earn a digital certificate to share with prospective employers and your professional network)

Connect with likeminded peers 
(This Program puts community and budies at the centre. You’ll receive instructions from the GGI team on buddy pairing and will get to brainstorm solutions with them).

Do it in your own time 
(Fit the program in with your busy schedule. Learn at your own pace and reach your personal goals)

Gain real work experience 
(Throughout the program, you’ll develop deep insights into what it is actually like to work at GGI, Impact Lab)

Discover if this career is for you
(Nearly 50% of the hours you are awake are spent at work. Discover if this is the right career path for you)