There is a rising need amongst leading organizations in impact sector requiring employees and applicants to solve agile and unique problems as machines are taking over mundane tasks. 

Global Governance Initiative has been at the forefront of serving the cause by providing upskilling and career opportunities in this sector. As a first step, many talented professionals are not aware of the importance and value of learning case solving because of which they also struggle to find good quality cases to solve and mentors to prepare themselves. Hence, we at Global Governance Initiative decided to do something about it. 

There is a method and process to learn everything especially problem-solving skills. The more you practice the more your analysis skills sharpen. Our Artificial-Intelligent interactive problem-solving and interview preparation simulation tool is available on-demand 24/7 and is open for all, thereby truly democratizing learning for ALL. 

It tests your raw learning capabilities, allowing you unpack ambiguity with evidence and become a problem solving expert with infinite practice with our uniquely picked problems.  Schrödinger allows you to expose yourself and learn to break down problems into logically coherent pathways in the impact domain.  

Schrödinger by GGI offers scalability, which means everyone gets world-class advice from GGI Co-Founders and costs a fraction of what traditional consultants charge on an hourly basis for guidance. If you are a self- starter, tech-lover and a busy person then Schrödinger by GGI is a great fit for you !


It is specifically designed by Boston Consulting Group (BCG), Mckinsey & Co., and Former Government of India advisors to make youth more ready to participate in the workforce by allowing them to problem solve without being dependent on a buddy, self-evaluate and expose themselves in advance to the nuances of how consulting interviews look like.

Never spend countless hours waiting for a response from a mentor, the way you’d have to wait to hear back from a traditional mentor. Whether you’re traveling for work, on your lunch break, or have a 3 am flash of motivation, Schrödinger by GGI is ready whenever (and wherever!) you are.

You'd also get to become part of like-minded professionals community on Telegram upon successfully finishing Schrödinger!

2 Step Process: Sign up as a member and pay enrollment amount of USD 15/- 

Please note: If you are a GGI Scholar/GGI Fellow - you have free access to this tool as a part of the buddy system. 



300+ minutes of cutting ede problems (4 for GGI fellows) on Agriculture, International Affairs and Healthcare simulation with feedback accompanied by infinite repeat attempts. 

1. The Artificial Intelligent tool doesn't just simulate a real-life impact setting but also nudges in the right direction.


2. At the end of the 45 minutes, you are also given a performance score along with correct method of case solution implying how ready you are and how much more preparation is needed!