2 minutes Policy Shots by GGI | Is there any need to reform the United Nations Security Council

Is there any need to reform the United Nations Security Council?

As the sanctum sanctorum for the global governance architecture, the UNSC reforms issues have attracted considerable attention in recent years. And it makes absolute sense to reform the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) -

1. Post World War 2 Power Sharing arrangement : Today’s UN reflects realities of the 20th Century and not the 21st Century. For eg. Germany and Japan are still addressed as enemy states in the UN Charter.

2. Rise of emerging powers needs to be accommodated : G4 nations India, Germany, Japan and Brazil have become important in international affairs and must be represented in the UNSC.

Unless the UNSC is expanded to include rising powers, UN’s legitimacy as a global body would be in question.

Regional alliances and bilateral relations will undermine the role of a multilateral institution, and the UN might lose its relevance.

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