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1/3rd of the millions that graduate each year are unemployable and the primary attributable reason is poor communication abilities. 

Warren Buffett famously said-  "At a young age, the best way you can improve yourself is to learn to communicate better. Your results in life will be magnified if you can communicate your views better. Without good communication skills, you won't be able to convince people to follow you, even though you see over the mountain and they don't. Learn to communicate better. " 

If you are someone who dreams to join corporate management, then join us for our prestigious Management Communication Masterclass with live feedback. The Masterclass is definitely not an English speaking course. It is designed to enhance structured and crisp communication and is also tied to GGI's 2 months fellowship opportunity


Our founders and trainers consists of successful young leaders from Boston Consulting Group (BCG), former strategic advisers to Government of India with total 9 years of startup and management consulting experience. They come with educational background ranging from Indian School of Business, St. Stephen's College, The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy to Harvard Business School etc.






1. Defining successful management communication for both introverts & extroverts 

2. Giving Interviews- How to talk lean, Inculcating pyramid approach to verbal confident communication; Art of story telling; Power of articulating good questions; Understanding the right voice modulation

3. Giving Presentations & Elevator pitch- How to inculcate unambiguous powerful written communication on presentations; giving elevator pitches; Understanding detailed nuances of body language

4. Creating Personal Brand- Power of story telling; Introducing yourself; Doing smart small talk; Art of asking questions

5. Negotiating- Psychology of negotiations; Maximizing your persuasive potential; Art of making recommendations 

6. Managing difficult conversations- Empathetic active listening; How to say no; How to build process oriented problem solving 

8. Knowing Hacks of power positions in management communications

9. Ethical decision making 

10. Investor Pitches for selection of GGI fellows for 2 months mentorship. 

Support Group

Why Choose Management Communications Masterclass 

Giving a Speech

Occasion based pragmatic curriculum 

In juxtaposition to a regular 'webinar', we don't focus only on the language. Our mentors have put in 100s of hours to curate best curriculum for the Masterclass on how to handle most common and toughest situations where verbal, written and non verbal communication skills define your success in professional life. 

Smiling Colleague

Experiential Learning & Live Feedback

We are not a webinar based model. We believe we cannot guarantee success of our delegates without putting them in experiential setup and giving live feedback on individual strengths and weaknesses as they do role play for toughest and most important situations .  


Shatakshi Sharma

Boston Consulting Group (BCG) 

Former Government of India advisor  



Indian School of Business, Hyderabad  Harvard Business & Fletcher School Exchange

 St. Stephen's College 


Al Busaidi

Global Shaper, World Economic Forum | Advisory Board Member, AIESEC 


Harvard Kennedy School of Government

Naman Shrivasatav

Cofounder- GGI 

United Nations  | Government  of India 

 Former Government of India advisor 


The Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy  



No theory; rather driven by experiential learning model through case based teaching and problem based learning


We aren't a webinar where one person speaks and others sleep; we get our most introvert delegates to speak up and learn through live feedback 


All our Masterclasses are designed to ensure peer to peer based learning; whereby you will learn from your peers and network heavily  


All GGI Masterclasses are curated with a sharp focus to attain a job in the sector of your Masterclass



Our Advisor

Bhaskar Chakravorti

Mr. Bhaskar brings decades of experience- having worked and advised at the intersection of leadership, entrepreneurship and innovations as former Partner- McKinsey & Co., Faculty- Harvard Business School, Advisor- World Economic Forum, UNDP, Brookings Institution, and MasterCard.


“The founders felt that with the right information and awareness, others like them, mostly youth, could also pursue jobs in public policy, and hence founded GGI.”


“This Government Advisors Duo is Creating a Youth Revolution in Public Policy Participation”

—Nexus of Good

Cofounder's Desk

Our Co-Founders - Naman and Shatakshi have worked extensively at the intersection of public policy, technology, management consulting, and & entrepreneurship and  have been recognized as Linkedinfor Top Voice for their work on gender equality and reimagining higher education. 

They would love to hear back from you on your experiences, grievances and new ideas ! 

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